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1619 results 16 ms in manticoresoftware/manticoresearch

remove tabulation from the charset_table

Proposal: when tabulation used in the config charset_table to make data looks like a table index header JSON case_folding field has all these tabs stored "case_folding":"U+003B,U+0622->U+0627, U+0623->U+0627 ... U+FB92->U+06AF, \t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t U+005F-> …

tomatologtomatolog · 2024-06-13 · 0 · #2302


The task is to implement INNER/LEFT JOIN functionality with the following limitations: 2 tables only special column instead of full NULL support, e.g.: select * from purchases AS p left join articles AS a ON = p.article_id: …

sanikolaevsanikolaev · 2024-06-10 · 13 · #1673



Freeze while inserting huge texts

Bug Description: import json import logging import manticoresearch import numpy as np from tqdm import trange from tqdm.contrib.logging import logging_redirect_tqdm logger = logging.getLogger(__name__) np.random.seed(1) table_name = 'testx' …

scruelscruel · 2024-06-10 · 2 · #2295


forbid the mapping `U+any->U+0020`

Proposal: Sometimes users add charset_table mapping into space character U+any->U+0020 or U+0020 but it should not map to the space char. And manual mentions For characters with codes from 0 to 32, and those in the range of 127 to 8-bit ASCII and Unicode …

tomatologtomatolog · 2024-06-13 · 0 · #2301

The issue with , transforming into \u0000 when sent to Buddy

Bug Description: There's a problem when we use an option and want to route it to Buddy. It seems like the daemon changes the original data. To recreate the issue, start Buddy with the --debug flag and run this query. This will show that Buddy gets a …

donhardmandonhardman · 2024-06-12 · 6 · #2252


Unable to kill default searchd

Bug Description: I think this issue started around 6.2.12. The default searchd process (which we do not need) starts automatically and cannot be killed because it restarts: [manticore@manticore maintenance]$ ps aux | grep manticoresearch/manticore.conf …

cappadaancappadaan · 2024-06-10 · 3 · #2294


Unable to update text field

Bug Description: MySQL [(none)]> CREATE TABLE testx(id bigint fast_fetch='0', title text fast_fetch='0') morphology='stem_en' engine='columnar'; MySQL [(none)]> INSERT INTO testx(id, title) VALUES(1, 'test'); ERROR 1064 (42000): table testx: attribute ' …

scruelscruel · 2024-06-10 · 1 · #2297


Update deps action is not working when it's called from the main branch

Bug Description: The current GitHub Action implementation doesn't work when triggered from the main branch, as shown in this workflow: However, we likely need it …

donhardmandonhardman · 2024-06-10 · 1 · #2289


Drop table leaves directory

Describe the bug I dropped a table which indexed over 30M docs in it, but when I want to recreate the same table, I got "directory is not empty" error. To Reproduce Steps to reproduce the behavior: Create an index and insert over 30M random texts Drop the …

scruelscruel · 2024-06-09 · 16 · #2038


DBeaver support

A few users have reported that Manticore is not supported in DBeaver through the MySQL driver, yet I can't find an open issue addressing this. Hence, I'm creating this one.

sanikolaevsanikolaev · 2024-06-12 · 7 · #1130


Nullable value for numeric related fields

Proposal: Support syntax like: CREATE TABLE testx(num bigint default NULL); INSERT INTO testx(num) VALUES (NULL); Currently, the default value of number fields is 0, but it will only be applied when field's value been omitted: with python client: >>> …

scruelscruel · 2024-06-09 · 0 · #2236

Daemon stops processing Kibana requests after restart

Bug Description: Daemon stops processing Kibana requests after it's restarted. To reproduce the bug, run Kibana with Manticore and this buddy-kibana version of Buddy: buddy.tar.gz buddy-core.tar.gz //Run Manticore with the buddy-kibana version tar -xvf …

Nick-S-2018Nick-S-2018 · 2024-06-12 · 3 · #2246


Removing manticore-tools redhat package fails in 6.3.0

Bug Description: MRE: sudo yum -y install && \ sudo yum -y --enablerepo manticore-dev install manticore-tools && \ sudo yum -y remove manticore-tools ... Running transaction /var/tmp/rpm-tmp. …

sanikolaevsanikolaev · 2024-06-10 · 3 · #2231


Setting doc id inside 'doc' fails /bulk insert

Bug Description: If I try to set a doc id inside the 'doc' object, insert does not happen. curl localhost:9308/cli -d 'create table test(f text)'; Query OK, 0 rows affected (0.002 sec) curl localhost:9308/bulk -H "Content-Type: application/x-ndjson" -d ' …

Nick-S-2018Nick-S-2018 · 2024-06-10 · 1 · #2299


Make files created by indexer/searchd readable/writable by searchd run normally

Even though our documentation advises running the indexer under the user manticore (e.g., sudo -u manticore indexer ), one of the most common mistakes is executing it as root . This action often results in accessibility issues with the built table files, …

sanikolaevsanikolaev · 2024-06-07 · 0 · #1475


HTTP JSON API - 2 Responses for a single request

Bug Description: As the title says, the JSON HTTP API returns 2 responses for a single bulk request (sometimes) Here's the MRE to reproduce the bug (once the enviroment is set). import requests MANTICORE_URL = "http://localhost:9308" CREATE_TABLE = """ …

DiegoAlfa7DiegoAlfa7 · 2024-06-07 · 4 · #2282


String equal in JOIN

Proposal: Could you support string match in join queries? I share my query just in case maybe I did something wrong in it. SELECT * FROM `programs` LEFT JOIN `program_infos` ON `programs`.id = `program_infos`.id AND `program_infos`.lang='en' LIMIT 0,5 …

mitshmitsh · 2024-06-07 · 5 · #2287


Daemon does not pass to Buddy all information about error.

In some cases, when error data is a complex object that contains multiple properties, daemon does not pass them all to Buddy. create table test(f text); curl -sX POST http://localhost:9308/insert -d '{ "index":"test", "id":1, "doc": { "f" : "test", } }' …

Nick-S-2018Nick-S-2018 · 2024-06-12 · 10 · #1807

performance degradation with wildcard queries with many matches when disk_chunks > 1

Bug Description: There is a noticeable decrease in the speed of executing wildcard queries with an index using two or more disk chunks compared to the speed of executing the same queries with the same data using one disk chunk. This issue was not observed …

AlexeyRemenyakAlexeyRemenyak · 2024-06-12 · 11 · #2280


It is not possible to insert into a replicated table using the es api _bulk

Bug Description: Colleagues, hello! I found an unpleasant error. They use manticore to store logs. I insert logs into realtime tables using vector and this configuration: sinks: test: type: elasticsearch compression: none healthcheck: enabled: false …

RavinoRavino · 2024-06-12 · 2 · #2270